Traditional Curries

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Traditional Curries
Plain CurryChilli
A sauce of medium consistancy from a wide range of oriental spices, giving a rich flavour
South Indian version of the dish found in Central and Eastern India, having a greater proportion of tomato puree and those spices which lend a fiery taste to its richness
Related to the Madras, but involving a greater use of garlic, tomato, lemon ginger & black pepper
Briskly fried fresh onions, black pepper, dhania, cinnamon, bay leaves & cardomams
Rogan JoshChilli
Tomatos, pimentoes & onions, fried in a special oil, in a manner that producesa dish of medium strength
A combination of spices fried together to provide a dish od medium strength & dry consistancy compared with curry
Mild - Prepared with cream, coconut and mild spices
Very Hot
All the above can be served with the following
Chicken 8.95
Lamb 10.95
King Prawn 11.95
Mixed Vegetables 8.50
With groundnuts, almonds, coconut & tandoori sauce to give it a rich flavour
Chicken Tikka 9.95
King Prawn 10.95
Mixed Vegetable 8.50
Balti dishes are cooked in an Indian wok (Balti) Using a unique combination of exotic herbs & spices
Chicken Lamb
Cooked with Kanghan spices, fresh cream, fresh garden mint, coriander leaves & mushrooms
9.50 10.95
Rezzela (Hot)
Cooked with green chilli, coriander leaves, tomatos, ginger & garlic
9.50 10.95
Chicken/ Lamb, prawns and mushroom cooked with special curry sauce and a touch of fresh coriander leaves
9.50 10.95
Chicken / Lamb tikka cooked with mushroom and fresh cream
9.50 10.95
Wine Massala
Cooked with mushrooms, fresh cream, fruity red wine, fresh herbs, ginger,garlic, green peppers & distinct spices
9.50 10.95
Balti 9.50 10.95
Biriani Dishes
Biriani is a preparation of tilda basmati rice, almonds & sultanas garnished with onions & other ingredients. Served with a special mixed vegetable curry sauce
Chicken Biriani 10.95
Lamb Biriani 11.95
King Prawn Biriani 12.95
Vegetable Biriani 9.95

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