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Food Allergies and Intolerances:

Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to our staff
if you would like to know anything about the ingredients we use.

Tandoori Specialities
Chicken or Lamb marinated in homemade yoghurt, herbs and spices, cooked over charcoals in a clay oven
Served with Mint sauce.
Half Tandoori Chicken 9.95 
Chicken Tikka 9.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill
(served with either a mild, spicy or hot sauce)
Chicken Shashlik 10.95
Lamb Shashlik 11.95
House Specialities Chicken Lamb
Garlic Chilli Chicken
Marinated in carlic sauces, cooked with fresh green chilli, onion, tomato & capsicum
9.50 10.95
Cooked with onion,tomato, capsicum in a cream sauce
9.50 10.95
Saag Ghosht
Prepared with spinich in a medium sauce
9.50 10.95
Malai Butter
Cooked with almonds, coconut and a creamy butter sauce
9.50 10.95
Macken Tikka
Cooked in cream and butter sauce
9.50 10.95
Traditional style of home cooking, cooked in a spicy sauce
9.95 10.95
Chef's Recommendations Chicken Lamb
Speciality from the Kybr Pass. Diced,cooked with spices,chopped onions, tomatos & green peppers
9.50 10.95
Prepared with spices, herbs, tomatos, onions, cooked in red wine
9.50 10.95
Achari Mazah Special
A special masala which is obtained from various spices and herbs mixed together in the right ratio. It includes freash ginger, methi, cumin seeds and cinamon with a touce of achari masala
9.50 10.95
Moti Special
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and seekh kebab cooked in a medium sauce
Seafood Fish
Desi Fish Curry
Chunks of cod fillet cooked with a selection of spices and herbs in a medium sauce

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